The colorful Spring landscape in Amargeti village, District of Paphos

Narrow alley in Omodos village, Limassol District

Kelefos Bridge. One of the most famous bridges in Cyprus, Paphos District

Traditional wooden fishing boats – River of Liopetri , Famagusta District

Early in the morning, sunshine over the Kato Drys village, Larnaca District

Winter landscape. The Kakopetria village, Nicosia District

Aerial view of the port in Zygi, Larnaca District

Aims of Union

  1. The defence and promotion of the Members’ powers, interests, rights and privileges and, generally, of the independence and self-sufficiency or the Local Authorities.
  2.  The permanent and on an organised basis cooperation and exchange of views between them, for the achievement of common targets.
  3. The collection of data and information being useful for the cooperation of the Communities.
  4. The expression of opinions to any Authority, Body, Organism or person (including the Government and the House of Representatives) and claiming from the state matters aiming at the development and expansion of the Local Self-Government institution.
  5. The participation in International Organs of Local Self-Government and its representation at Local and International Congresses.
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